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These dang things

I know this comm is pretty dead, but maybe people who are still watching LJ might be able to help me anyway.

These stupid little bugs pop up all over our house, never in a specific location. They don't do much, just kinda sit there or crawl very slowly, occasionally they'll leave their shed skins around. My roommate says they fly, but I've never personally seen one flying so I can't confirm. Can anyone tell me what it is? I live in the US, northern Virginia.

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I caught this in my bedroom. USA, northern VA.

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My guess is flying ant. Or possibly termite, but I hope not. Seems too black to be a termite? i dunno, but it keeps its wings folded like the internet tells me a termite does, and its antennae are straight... but it seems to have a small waist, so... I don't know. Help?

Gonna tell ya something....

I'm getting REAAAAAL'tired of finding Brown Recluses in my bed. I'm getting desensitized to them being so close to me, as long as they aren't ON me. I got a few inches away from the one today, watching it crawl across my blanket, trying to get a good look at the marking on its head. :/
Validated the fiddle pattern, and smashed it with my tooth paste box I was about to take to the bathroom. *sigh* I was hoping it was a male Southern Crevice Spider (which are wanderers and don't have a dangerous bite).

This is the 3rd one I've found in my bed in the past 1-2 months. NOT cool. IT'S FREAKIN' 12 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING, AND I NEED TO CLOSE PAYROLL TOMORROW. I NEED MY SLEEP.

I have no idea what is causing them to come inside when I haven't seen one in the almost year Roth's been gone from this plain. They started appearing last month. I have killed at least 5-6 in the past 2-3 months.
What is causing this change in behavior after not seeing any, except in the last two months?
I'm wondering if it's the heat in the attic? I really have no idea. Thoughts?

I live in Dyersburg, TN, btw.
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Our winter butterflies

Originally posted by kmaal at Наша зима / Our winter

For some days a butterfly used to perch on our neighbour's mango tree. Isn't it this butterfly that (with its brethren) recently ate the young shoots on another mango tree in front of my window, which now started growing again and shows tender fresh leaves? And in other neighbour's garden small mangoes hang already from the branches... And we'll have none this year - our tree is still recovering after the owner's pruning.

And at the bush at our porch started blooming, so it attracts some Lepidoptera too.

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Deep One

Looking for some research help


I'm trying to do a short presentation on spider bites for work. Information on the brown recluse and black widow is pretty easy to find, but I wanted to have some slides on wolf spiders as well, since they're abundant locally and have a reputation for being more easily provoked into biting than the other two spiders. I'm having difficulty, though, finding information on the venom found in the Lycosidae family, other than the symptoms and the fact that it's not a danger to humans. I'm especially interested in knowing whether it's a neurotoxin, hemotoxin or some other kind of venom, and details on the mechanism in which it damages tissue. I'm guessing there is probably a dearth of research on this subject since the bites rarely require medical intervention, aside from cases of infection. Links to science journal articles would be ideal, but I'll take anything!

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Vindicate me?

I have an acquaintance on facebook who has been trying to identify this bug. He lives in PA and says it's about two inches long (it really looks more between like an inch and an inch and a half). Though not 100%, I told him what I thought it was and he scoffed at me... (though he believed someone else who said it was an asian giant hornet -_-;) Now he's listening to someone else who says it's a queen yellow jacket. Which I also don't believe due to the size, coloring, etc. I think he thinks "asian hornets" and "yellow jackets" sound more impressive than what I think it is. But actually my ID is a larger more rare and aggressive type (than a yellow jacket anyway. The asian hornet thing is just ridiculous) just with a less fear inspiring name. Vindicate me! (if I deserve it ^^;) What do you think it is?
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